Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Carry on, love is coming

Thinking of CSNYs lovely song, Carry On. Tomorrow squishy squelchy mush will rule the air waves, so am valiantlysteeling myself for the Bryan Adams onslaught. Quite in the manner of certain local political unworthies, I haven’t quite got Valentine’s Day (Hello, Valentine’s Day? What’s that? Since when did we start celebrating Valentine’s Day in Maharashtra?). Unlike them, however, I will not pulverise anyone who gives me a heart-shaped box of almond rocks (promise), so feel free to do so if you wish.
As I write this, hospitals in the city are gearing up their OPDs to treat battered adults who are caught clutching teddy bears. More importantly, they’re also brushing up on the Hiemlich Manoeuvre to save poor innocent women from choking to death on diamond rings deviously planted in pastries/cocktails. Tell me again, why do men do this?
Ah well, love hurts.

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Saltwater Blues said...

lol ... happy V day Rupa.

The music site was down all these days. It's back up now. To play a track just click on the Play arrow to the left of the grey player bar. It will say 'pre-loading track' and will then start to play. To adjust the volume hold down your mouse on the little box on the right and move left or right(to increase). To play the track again hold down the mouse on the middle section and move all the way to the left.

Oh yeah, and make sure your speakers are on :)