Friday, March 14, 2008

A slice of life

I was thinking about this tired old saying yesterday- when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Not me, I would rather make tequila shots. Haven't had them in years though, so things are okay. Normal and dull, actually make that very, very, very dull. If it wasn't for our politicians, I may have died of boredom. TOI told us that the MNS chaps are yearning to get hawkish with hawkers since most of them are North Indians, but they're holding back while the SSC exams are on- hello, their beloved leader's son is cramming for the exams too! So considerate of them, innit? At least they care for someone. I do hope the young lad does marvellously well in all his future exams and gets a fabulous job in UP or Bihar. That way, his daddy can learn valuable lessons too.
And while on the subject of sons, Rahul Gandhi is making wonderfully naive statements, and a lot of us are brushing tears away and sighing, 'So like his daddy, isn't he?' My advice to him is, be like mummy- she knows best!

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