Friday, April 25, 2008

Chipmunks singing in my head

I could torture my sister for the trauma she's put me through. This morning she complained that the song playing in her head was, 'Lonely, I'm so lonely...'. I know that song, and I vaguely remember animated chipmunks or mice singing it in some movie, but I can't place it. And the damn song has been playing in my head non-stop in a squeaky chipmunky sort of way ALL DAY LONG! It's still there, playing on a loop. It goes like this:
Lonely, I'm so lonely, I'm so lonesome, I could die/cry.
Rash, if you're reading this, HELP!!!!! This is KILLING ME!!!!! And can't locate it on google. There's a Johnny Cash song with a similar title and several others but the lyrics don't seem to match perfectly. ARRRRRRRRHG!
Which movie? Who is the original singer? Tell me!!!!


Rash said...

only your sister remembers such songs...if you can't google it, forget it. The only reason I remember things is coz of god google.

Anonymous said...

Oh if you still dint figure it out.
It's Lonely by Akon.