Sunday, June 1, 2008

Soldiering on

My life's going up in smoke and the blame can be laid at Union Health Minister A. Ramadoss's door. From October 2nd this year, exhaling at public places will be banned. My feisty sister is threatening to organise a tete a tete with him just for the joy of blowing smoke into his smug face. But me, I can deal with it. I'm training myself to develop camel-like qualities: inhale vast quantities of nicotine to keep me going for hours (or weeks maybe), before I step out into the cruel world where smokers are regarded as several notches more disgusting than spiteful people with infectious diseases.
Despite the annoying Ramadoss man though, I will continue to support the UPA. If you do a reality check you may well agree with me: communal parties are more injurious to India's health than smokers. (Said very virtuously, shiny halo hovering above head and all that! Oh, and Bharat Mata ki jai!)

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