Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sorry- no can do, Mr. Thackeray.

I really hate to go against Mr. Thackeray's wishes. Not because I'm a knee-buckling wimp but heck, have you seen those swords he allegedly hands out to his followers? However, I must heroically stand up on trembling legs and say this- sorry Mr. Thackeray, but good Hindus do not become suicide bombers. Neither do good Muslims, for that matter! We'd much rather be dull and boring accountants when we grow up. Thank you for your suggestion, though. It's nice of you to think of us. And by the way, I'm enjoying lovely weather out here in Timbucktoo.


Rash said...

that beard backs T Balu look too ghastly, huh?

Tshhar Mangal said...

THank you so very Much Ma'am.
Yes, my efforts are still on.
If you could give me an idea of approx how many books you are willing to give,it would be easier for me to work out how to get them here.
My email is

Thanks once again.