Tuesday, July 15, 2008

110 crore cheers for Somnath Chatterjee!

Well, well. Just when I'd decided to dedicate my occassional (and not coveted by any sane living being) Man of the Month award to prime minister Manmohan Singh for standing up to obstructionists (also known as the Left Front), another man, worthy of not just a Man of the Month but Man of the Year award came along. Yup, Somnath Chatterjee! The Speaker has spoken, and spoken very well indeed. It's rare to see this sort of integrity in a hard-boiled politician- and very welcome too. Oh, I hope he doesn't eventually bow down to the diktat of the obstructionists. He may have to eventually (they haf their vays), but even so, he will still remain my Man of the Year for showing us that yes, we do have a few good men in the government. One, at least for sure. My God- I actually respect a politician! Like bloody wow!

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