Monday, August 25, 2008

Ern Goon & Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin's organizing a godawful poetry fortnight, so if any of you want to participate or read godawful poetry (to feel better about your own outpourings) go to:
My humble contribution (below) is not my own work, though. It's by the best worst poet in the world: Ern Goon. Five Find-Outers & Dog- ring a bell?
This is the opening line of my fave pome by Ern: 'How sad to see thee, pore dead pig...'
For more of Ern's profound thoughts, go to:


Arun said...

Old Clear-Orf's nephew! My favourite expression of disgust is Gah! and that's where I picked it from. :-P

What was it in the poem... flat-footed bullfrog?

rupagulab said...

Well, it was a pore dead hoss in the next version- dunno if flat-footed bullfrog featured, however. And my fav expression is not Clear-Orf's Gah but Sid and Perce's* Arrr- that's all they could say coz of that sticky toffee, remember?
*Ern's little brothers

suniti said...

loved your poem on Zig's blog. The rhyme for dwarf- scarf/ wharf/ barf/ arf....
just trying to help!

rupagulab said...

Ha ha! Thanks a mill. I'd go with barf, then!!!