Friday, September 26, 2008

Sigh, and just when I was getting fond of RR Patil

Deputy CM RR Patil, He Who Turned Bar Dancers Into Bored Seamstresses To Keep Us On The Straight And Narrow, has provoked my disdain again. Oooh, and just when I'd begun to seriously admire him for his tough DUI stance! After the Bombay High Court slammed the state for its inaction (no, I won't say 'apparent' inaction like the papers cautiously do- it seemed like deliberate inaction to me) against Raj Thackeray, Patil has pulled up the law and the judiciary dept for its 'failure' to put up the state govt's case effectively in court.
I clearly recall Mr. Patil jumping up and down and going purple with outrage over the bar dancers. Compare that to his benign reaction to Raj Thackeray's actions.
Tsk, Mr. Patil, if you really believe that citizens are totally blind, what harm would the bar dancers have done to us, hmm?

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