Saturday, October 4, 2008

In a blue funk

Got a song stuck in my head since yesterday. Don't recall the name or lyrics, only the tune. And you can't very well google search a tune can you? I think it's a U2 song - or a solo by The Edge. Not sure. Damn. It's given me a bad case of the fidgets.
Went out for lunch yesterday and while waiting for my companion to arrive, promised self that I'd buy a rubix cube to keep me busy since I can't smoke in restaurants. Will not go out on the streets to exhale. Ironically enough, the first victim of Ramadoss's anti-smoking campaign was raped a few days before the ban was in place: a German who had stepped out of a non-smoking hotel in Jodhpur for a smoke. And not a seedy hotel- I think it was the Taj. Sadly, I can see more incidents like that happening in the future. See, that's the problem with Ramadoss's plan. It may not have had any adverse effects in Europe because female smokers on the streets are not regarded as vamps and sluts. It's different in India. Maybe I should write a letter to Renuka Chowdhury (union minister of women and child development ministry). Look, I may be able to hold back from smoking in the streets, but other women may not. And you can't expect us to always have a male escort. Please, we don't want to go back to those sorry old days when women couldn't venture out without a protective male do we? Oh dear, methinks Ramadoss is creating Taliban-like conditions here. Help!

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piasen said...

omg! is that true???what is happening to India???