Saturday, October 4, 2008

Now, whose pix should I put on my dartboard?

Aha, I bet you thought I'd say Ramadoss! But there happen to be people who are infinitely more odious than him. Strange but true. Like the Christian-assaulting Bajrang Dal. Their logo is going up on my dartboard. And if the UPA doesn't squash them like cockroaches ASAP, I'm NOT going to vote for the Congress. Not going to vote for the mosque-destroying, rabble rousing BJP either, of course. Over my dead bod. Who knows, Mayawati may be our next PM (eek). But if we have no choice, what's left?


judetheobscure said...

Hello..I'm not replying to your post but to the book 'Girl Alone' which I finished an hour ago. (I have no idea how to contact you otherwise)Well, about the book, I think it is the most intelligent and funny piece of writing I've across in years. It comes in the league of Upamanyu Chatterjee's 'English, August' in terms of humour and not under 'chicklit.' Would like to write more if I get a personal ID.
I'm a feature journalist, by the way..

rupagulab said...

For jude the obscure: Hey, thanks! Hopped across to your blog to find it blank. Anyway, love the name of your blog: so you like Thomas Hardy do you? I personally believe that Jude the Obcure was one of his best books! Would love to give you my email id but I'm nervous abt letting it out in a public space. Silly I know, but still. If you're not queasy abt parting with yours here, do so and I'll get in touch with you.