Thursday, October 16, 2008

On low life forms like me

Okay so I'm not the nicest person on earth, no big deal. What I like about myself is that I don't need Blahniks or need to go blah blah blah about bloody expensive fermented grape juice to feel good about myself. The fact that wannabe wine connoisseurs first take a critical sip and then delicately spit it out is enough to put me off that crap. Spitting, ew. No wonder so many Indians love wine!

What I love is comfort and grunge, and old friends who are as comfortable as circa 1999 torn granny panties (they're airier, see?) with weak elastic. They don't cling, they don't constantly remind you that they're around, which is why you never feel the urge to pitch them into a bin.

You're supposed to grow out of school friends, but two of mine have remained my best friends ever. We loved the same music when we were in school, laughed irreverently at the same things, and nothing has changed. Oddly enough, our views on politics are astonishingly identical. Here's an article on the Hindutva brigade by one of them:


Rash said...

torn granny pants anyday.

*there go all my chances of having hot rollicking affair*

Saltwater Blues said...

LOL @ Rash!

rupagulab said...

For Rash: Gasp! Are you saying that you don't know any kinky men who break into a sweat at the titillating sight of granny panties? Tsk, you poor dear! How you must have suffered.