Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vacant positions- unemployed Maharashtrian youth please apply

Two fantastic job opportunities are open for Maharashtra's unemployed youth: the post of Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister. It's evident that Vilasrao Deshmukh and RR Patil aren't doing justice to their jobs, in fact they're not doing justice to anything at all. Apart, of course, from shielding Raj Thackeray behind their extraordinarily volumnious skirts. Pinched from jobless bar-dancers, I assume. See, now I know why RR Patil banned bar dancers- the selfish man wanted all those glittering ghagra-cholis for himself!
And what's with the media these days? One day I see a pix of Raj Thackeray with his Great Dane (hello, why doesn't he have a local street dog?), the next day they show us a pix of Raj Thackeray with a German sausage. Are they trying to portray him as a cuddly person or are they subtly implying that he's gone to the dogs? Oddly enough the accompanying caption did not attempt a take off on Gerald Durrel's best book: Raj Thackeray and Other Animals.
Now for a small quiz:
Q. What's the difference between Vilasrao Deshmukh, RR Patil and Raj Thackeray?
A. Nothing! Absobloominglutely nothing! For shame!


Raj said...

my 2 cents on this: (kind of lenghthy all of the things I say below but LOLS :-) I am just a common hindi man with a lot on my mind)

Well, as is clear, this issue not just strikes chords in Mrathi hearts but all over the country, and we have a similarity here, all we can get from witnessing what ppl like Raj do is a feeling of melancholy because......... well I dont know, its maybe that we do know that a) the problem is real,
b) Raj Thackeray doesn't have a solution. In fact what he is doing is very very horrific and c)contemplating solutions, one can't think of what to do...

1 The entire media,
2 Intelligentsia like yourself speaking out, writing editorials in the papers,
3 The aam admi speaking out everywhere, on the streets, blogs and forums being filled with hate msgs
4 Small politicians first and then political heavy weights from Bihar/UP and the belt giving it all they have and giving it together couldn't thwart "VOTEBANK CONSIDERATIONS"

A man like Raj Thackeray can get atrocities done, spew venom and get away, while the bigger badass whose story you recalled-his uncle has been on lungi's back first and then has been the cause of the loss of the lives of so many Muslim Indians and we are forced to fucking call him a great man, even Amitabh Bachchan,, in public,, has to go excessive and say how larger than life Balasaheb is, that Balaji is family and other shit which really stinks .... this is India man and we fucking have to live with this.... a million FUCKS!!

Dont dream of action against him go and watch Heroes to see our filmy heros saying patriotic things or see Golmaal returns and just forget it chill...

Man, don't forget that we (the people of Bihar cum UP) are the fucking cream of this country when it comes to education, getting in to high posts through competitions, in top education institutes like IIT's n IIM's, go look anywhere, marketing, journalism, technical fields, any-fucking-where, you will find us at the top. Don't fucking underestimate us... the culture n religion of this country spawned from our lands n we ruled this fucking country till now and will continue to do so, we control the media, politics, entertainment, whatever!!!

this claiming-to-be-well-read-intelligent-visionary but a cheap wanna be 'politician' Raj Thackeray continues to gives fiery speeches, cites examples from history of all over the world but the fact is that he doesn't have a clue. He tells the frustrated Maharshtrians what he thinks is the cause of all of the problems of Maharashtra. Of course he tells them so because when growing up, 'politician' uncle Bala told him so. Of course Bala uncle didn't have a clue either, somebody in a lungi molested him in his own childhood and he tried taking revenge on all lungi's when he grew up.

The stupid cunt has made it sound like Mumbai is fucking Singapore or Dubai and Bihar cum UP are as bad as Africa to the globe, the differences aren't that bad!! it can't even be faked!! Its common knowledge that the British developed Bombay city as a port and well, we can thank them and all of the communities in Mumbai since independence who made it the great city it is now. (of course that includes the Marathi community also which has always been here in big numbers) while farmers continue to commit suicide, youth instigated by such netas as Raj himself carry on the violence, the truth is that rural and semi urban Maharashtra has some of the highest number of Rapes and Murders in the country while development just isn't reaching these inner parts of the state, it's limited to major urban centers like Puna, Nashik, Mumbai only...

we need un peace keeping forces now as our politicians n authorities are asamarth, this guy is evil, satanic, wee need to start a crusade against him and his mates...

rupagulab said...

@Raj: well, I must say that your 2 cents worth was actually more like 2 dollars! You're absolutely right (in MY opinion). And don't downplay yourself by saying you're just a common Hindi man, we are ALL common Indians, period. I disagree on one point though: we don't need the UN peacekeeping force to sort us out, we need to do it OURSELVES.

The Other Side said...

Man, don't forget that we (the people of Bihar cum UP) are the fucking cream of this country when it comes to education, getting in to high posts through competitions, in top education institutes like IIT's n IIM's, go look anywhere, marketing, journalism, technical fields, any-fucking-where, you will find us at the top. Don't fucking underestimate us... the culture n religion of this country spawned from our lands n we ruled this fucking country till now and will continue to do so, we control the media, politics, entertainment, whatever!!!

The above paragraph is the exact reason
why most people other than the Hindians hate Hindi arrogance. It both justifies Raj Thackeray's agitation, and says so much about the Hindi hegemony in India. You people forget that this country is called India, and not Hindia. You (people from Bihar & U.P.) have consistently tried to control media, politics and entertainment. That is usually through dirty (read CoCa: community/caste) politics, and corrupt politicians. To say that Bihar and U.P. has been the cream of the country in terms of education is just ignorant. As long as the Bihari casteist and socially defunct culture is in Bihar, no one complains about anything. The moment it steps into other states, there are problems as evidenced by agitations in several states.

rupagulab said...

@the other side: You know what I think? I think his chauvinism is in response to Raj Thackeray's chauvinism. This is what happens when politicians make provocative remarks. We the people have got to see through the crap. I'm not from Bihar or UP but it still hurts to see anyone in the country die for no other reason but votes!That labourer from UP who was lynched, for example. Horrible, horrible.

ranjona said...

Re Raj and the other side:
Surely chauvinism of any kind is reprehensible and will get us nowhwere? Every part of India has had something to offer the collective whole and every part also has its own share of problems. It is ignorant and unfair to blame any one side or the other. The politically motivated sense of "victimhood" only leads to the kind of violence we have seen in the past few days. Remember that goodie-goodie thing from school? - before you point a finger, take look at your hand -- there are three fingers pointing back at you? Trouble with those damn goodie-goodie cliches is they so often turn out to be true. We're all in this together and we must have the brains to see why politicians are trying to take us for a ride.

anil said...

I came in late, but this is something i have believed in for a long time - like you say, each part of india has its own contribution. i was once talking to a bengali friend about how badly singur had been handled by both parties, and what emerged from our discussions was that a garment manufacturing corridor established on the national highway between kolkata and varanasi would really work - given the artistic bent of bengalis and the tailoring skills of UP, the superb textiles of Bengal, Varanasi, Bhagalpur and other centres in that area, and the trading ports on the Bengal-Orissa coastal stretch. Kolkata being the major city could have something like Ahmedabad's NID to provide the design skills. or why can't MP and Gujarat cooperate to create a great tourist circuit with the former's world heritage sites and the latter's beaches. but such inter-state cooperation is too far fetched to imagine in india.
we live in a nation whose founding fathers were responsible for dividing india on religious basis in 1947 either actively or by not opposing it strongly enough. while the late j nehru is one of the people held responsible by history for partition, he had the right attitude towards not dividing already divided india further by language and community - but this got done by forces that succeeded in the linguistic state patterns starting i think with kerala. the skewed policy on kashmir was another weird thing that had become the weapon for political parties to use. the akali problems in punjab when the gandhi family decided the best way to divide sikh votes resulted in death or trauma for hindu punjabis in punjab and then the killing of innocent sikhs in delhi.

the cyclic hindu - muslim communal riots in gujarat over the last sixty years reached its zenith in the 2002 riots (while muslims had dominated the previous riots mainly under protection of underworld dons like Latif, an MLA when the state was congress ruled, this time it was the majority provoked by bjp-vhp leaders who did the attacking causing the many deaths).

the two senas of maharashtra will never be forgotten. the north-east problems, again the militant groups get away for political gains. the tribal conflict in orissa that has become a hindu-christian thing because one tribe has a christian majority and the other a hindu one. the faulty reservation policies that has only divided india on caste grounds and hardly done good for anyone, each caste riots to get into the list with the ones that have political clout getting in though they have a huge creamy layer.

and political parties playing to different galleries - first the congress winning the minority hearts through populist measures, then the bjp making the most of this policy to spread hindutva and win votes. the bjp supported babri masjid demolition marked the deathknell for hindu-muslim relations in india.

india requires people from each community to champion the cause of a united india - i was shocked to read a very eminent muslim journalist recently writing that it was caused because muslims were not given reservations like the obc. in actual fact, he should find out the percentage of muslims who send their girls for secular schooling let alone college education, even where they can get admission, and these are the hands that rock the cradles of the next generation of the community.

chauvanism can only go with cooperation. gujaratis i know always talk about the huge house being built by ambani, bengalis bask in the glory of tagore, ray, bose, sen and the likes, people of UP about the leaders and bureaucrats they have produced, south indians about the technocrats from the four states of southern india... i can make an endless list, instead of joining hands to bring about a common good where the background of each community can result in a better india.

end of bhashan...for now, amen