Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Western Ghats and the Law of Diminishing Returns

Ha! So off I went to Pune on work last Thursday morning. Started off with a grumble: Why oh why do I have to wake up so bloody early, damn this, blast that, the usual. Was mollified by the sight of the ghats: some barren ones with sparse tufts of grass (bootiful), others so thickly wooded that they looked as though they were clothed in emerald velvet, sigh. If I wasn't so sleepy I'd have been inspired to dash off a Wordsworthian sort of poem. On the journey back, however, the ghats failed to move me. My heart leapt up with joy only when we drove into the outskirts of Mumbai and saw ugly buildings. If I hadn't been so exhausted, I may well have been inspired to write a gritty piece of graffiti. Yup, the Law of Diminishing Returns at work!
And while on the word 'diminished', I'm reminded of that awful, awful early 2000 music video, Kaanta Laage. WHY was the song called Kaanta Laage? I strongly suspect it's because the chick in the video was wearing G-strings. See, Rash, granny panties should NEVER be knocked!

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