Friday, November 28, 2008

The extermination of Lashkar terrorists in Mumbai

Glued to the TV for the third day in a row. Refuse to move. May have forgotten how to walk after this- will discover that only when the terrorists are sent to hell. Meanwhile, Arnab Goswami (Times Now) has become my favourite companion. Really, Times Now is doing a fab job!
A couple of terrorists are still lurking around the Taj. Not so easy to catch them- it's like looking for dirty filthy garbage-encrusted cockroaches in a massive structure. The Oberoi is cockroach free, whew. And work is in progress to make Nariman House cockroach-free too!
So, looks like, we may not need external help to rid our country of pestilential critters. Our men appear to be doing a fine job on their own. Give them the license to go ahead and they deliver!
At the end of it all, I suggest that our politicians observe a few moments of silence in their honour: about 6 months of silence at least? Particularly the two-faced LK Advani and, of course, Raj Thackeray. Just received an interesting SMS that's being forwarded about him. I've copied it below:
"Where is Raj Thackeray and his 'brave' Sena? Tell him that 200 NSG Commandos from Delhi (No Marathi manoos! ALL South & North Indians!) have been sent 2 Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully. pls fwd ths so tht it finally reaches th coward bully!"
Hmm. Not very popular is he?


anil said...

The indian forces have always said they can break the back of terrorism from ulfa to kashmir if there is no interference from the political parties playing to votebanks.

anil said...

While Advani and Raj T keep silence, the ruling party needs to stop staying silent and start taking resposibility.

I mean through all the bomb blasts they have not taken any security measures and keep behaving like only BJP-ruled states are at risk and not UPA-states - if the PM keeps saying everything is a state-problem, whether it is the Singur conflict or Megha Patkar's hunger fast against the Narmada dam or Assam problem or the Hindu-Christian violence, then why do we have a national govt?

And why are we as a country scared to mpose any laws for the protection of the country? It sounds like the familiar Indian story - we are always worried about what foreign organisations will say about us, what the minorities will think of the government, what will happen to Muslim votes, and so forth, instead of taking a firm stand.

If Indians are at risk, hard measures have to be taken, if someone feels alienated by any profiling it is just too bad - it has to be done in the interest of the people of our country. It is like the Malaysian government said, we are a democracy right, but we cannot look at the human interest of 6% of our population that is of Indian-origin against the majority of our population that is not.

Whether it is Hindu-majority ULFA, Christian-majority organisations in Nagaland or the Muslim-dominated organisations, if they threaten our country it is the job of the home ministry to demolish them regardless of what religious group they belong to. The fact is we need a leader who can take action - not a senile Advani or a namby-pamby Singh.

This is in continuation to my earlier comment - the Indian forces have always said they can break the back of terrorism from ulfa to kashmir if there is no interference from the political parties playing to votebanks.