Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's war in Mumbai!

The army's out! The navy's in hot pursuit! And everyone (well everyone I know all over the world) is wishing and hoping and praying that we save the hostages and equally important, beat the shit out of those terrorists aka brainwashed idiots aka pious retards. Okay so I said earlier that if there is a God he must be incomptent. I'm taking those words back. What I'm saying now is: if there is a God, maybe he was busy but as soon as he's free could he please look into the matter and save us from evil terrorists/brainwashed idiots/pious retards? I know one thing for sure: if I were God, I would spit on people like that even if they prayed to me every second of the day! I'd be insulted to have my name uttered by them.

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