Sunday, November 9, 2008

My heart goes out to the Shiv Sena

The poor, poor Shiv Sena. They're dying for the Centre to arrest Bal Thackeray - absolutely yearning for it. Only because they're aching to bring Mumbai to a standstill- in a more violent and dramatic way than the MNS did. That way they can show Raj Thackeray once and for all that he's small fry compared to them. So watch out- provocative statements on supporting the alleged Hindu terrorists are on the rise. The real message however is, "Please please rise to the bait and say you're going to arrest Bal Thackeray, pretty please oh puhleez!!!! Send out an arrest warrant immediately, don't be mean, we beg you!"
Politicians, bah! More transparent than glass.


Rash said...

Seriously man...not a single politician good enough to look at or hear...sigh!

rupagulab said...

@rash: Double sigh!