Friday, November 21, 2008

Pink Floyd and my cook

I can never forget the very first time Dark Side of the Moon played at home. The cook came rushing out of the kitchen (wielding a sharpened knife at that!) at the screamy bits. It took my mother hours to placate him, and a raise was thrown in as well. Thereafter, we (my sis and I) were frequently treated to scathing remarks about our music. Tull's Aqua Lung was one song in particular that Mum took serious objection to: 'Snot running down his nose! You call those lyrics?!' but we turned her around, we did. She who loved Lulu, Cilla Black, Elvis and The Beatles developed a taste for The Scorpions. She pinched our tape-we heard her playing it during her me-time!
Anyway, Roger Waters is coming down for the Live Earth (I think that's what it's called) concert.
Thought I would go despite the other acts: pretty Bon Jovi and Black Eyed Peas, among others, but hastily changed my mind when the papers gushingly informed us that Bollywood stars would be playing nautch girls & boys at the concert too! Chee!
Now will have to wait for Waters to come on his own show, damn! Wish he'd hurry up! And wish the Stones would come back soon too. Not going for Spyrogyra though, was never a big fan. And, ha ha, the concert venue happens to be a stone's throw away from where I live, so maybe I can listen in gratis!

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Vinita said...

The only English song my mom likes is
and too cos Rekha did a sensual dance on it in one of Khiladi pictures!

and if I don't see U2 live sometime in my life-I have not lived!