Saturday, November 29, 2008

A united India and Pakistan can defeat terrorists-so there!

Yes, yes I know anti-Pak feelings are raging high right this moment. But it's time we did a spot of introspection. The political scenario has changed dramatically. Who are we dealing with now? A military dictator or a man whose wife was a victim of terrorism? And never ever forget that some of the terrorists responsible for the latest sickening drama could well carry the Made-in-India stamp. Support must have been provided, at the very least. Why should we let our inept politicians off the hook?
Get real. I'm shedding my cynicism on this one. Who knows, I may be proved wrong. But if we don't take that chance, if we let history colour our view of the future, we may be unbelievably screwed.
In the recent past, Pakistani's too have become victims of terrorism. Finally they experienced what their home-grown, state-sponsored terrorists have been doing to us for years. Needless to say, they don't particularly enjoy the experience. I must guiltily confess that, inititally, I did experience fleeting moments of schadenfreude- serves you right, you bleeding Frankensteins, is what I thought. Stupid childish behaviour on my part.
We should, we must accept the olive branch that's currently being extended and let's see if that helps. Can't we do that to save our own skins? Here's hoping that the meeting with Pak's ISI chief leads to a better future. Oooh wouldn't it be luverly if he brought us a little present too? Like say, a pair of shiny silver bangles with Dawood Ibrahim attached? That ought to make us believe that Pakistan is serious about co-operating with India.
Just got a report: my schoolfriend was killed in the attacks. See how difficult it is to be friends with Pakistan? Yet, we must try. Even though I say this with considerably less enthusiasm this time.
Oh, and you must read this article by Mohsin Hamid. "bound by sorrows", about the mumbai terrorist attacks and india-pakistan relations, from: the guardian

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Rash said...

sorry to hear about the schoolfriend...I agree with what you are saying...though very difficult. Given that the blame game and sacking job has started already