Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vincent Nazareth a.k.a. Mumbai's legal mood elevator

There were days when I'd feel mopey and whine and moan about not having a life. Everyone's having a better time than I am, I'd think mournfully, and reach for the Kleenex. But not anymore. Oh no, not since dear old Vincent Nazareth came on the scene. My life seems so much more meaningful compared to his - and that makes me feel so much better.
Get this, this guy spends every waking moment crouching behind bushes, yearning for the moment when he can leap out to catch smokers who are breaking rules. What, was he a tiger in his last life? He does this every darn day, and the days that he doesn't catch anyone flaunting the rules, he goes home a broken man. He's even started whining to the papers that he hasn't caught enough people yet. Perhaps, dear Vincent, smokers are indeed following the rules? Think about that!
So the next time you feel blue, think of Vincent, and trust me, no matter how dull and drab your life may seem, it's not as pathetic as Vincent's - is it? Cheers to that!

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