Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wanted: Willing Victims For 5-Year-Old Nephew's Jokes

Rohan's joke of the month (in his words): Someone goes up to a dinosaur and says, 'Hello, you're extinct.' The dinosaur looks vevvy shocked and squeaks, 'What! I stink?!!!'

This, of course, is followed by helpless giggles for about 3 minutes 20 seconds (I timed him). Thereafter he sobers up slowly, only intermittent giggles follow for another 5 minutes. Then he's into his usual bang bang verminator games till another victim arrives on the scene and the joke is enthusiastically trotted out again. (Same timing for his giggles- that never varies!)

Rohan's riddle of the month (in his words):
Q. What goes zzub zzub?
A. A bee buzzing backwards, silly!
SAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saltwater Blues said...

LOL@zzub zzub!! Good one!!