Monday, January 26, 2009

E by Matt Beaumont- luverly!

Read it while on holiday and haven't laughed so much in years! Never thought I'd say this, but almost missed advertising- almost.

Holiday was nice but I prefer cool hills to hot beaches. Pretty beach, though at Kashid. The sea was gloriously blue, not murky grey like in Mumbai and not too much rubbish washed up on shore: some pretty stones, driftwood, and a dangerous piece of wood with rusted nails- eep. Lots of slippers and shoes too- not in pairs but singles. Creepy- wondered if they belonged to people who drowned. After that, could NOT bring self to step in. Best Friend pooh-poohed my pessimistic suggestion and enthusiastically tested the waters (as is her wont) - and after 2 seconds rushed back to dry sand gagging because her toe snagged on what felt like 3 plastic packets and something that felt like a cucumber landed on her foot!

For me, the best way to view beaches is on an armchair in a balcony. Nice spot to watch the tide come in and think lofty thoughts about life, the universe, and everything without dead people's personal belongings brushing past me.

Beloved Husband AKA Health Nazi did his usual- jogged on the beach daily and made me feel like a slob.

Ooh, 'tis lovely to be back home in my own comfortable bed with clean sheets sans gritty sand!


Rash said...

Hey have been wanting to read E but none of the bookshops here have it. Where you got?

rupagulab said...

Had been looking for it myself too for a year (since it was highly reccomended by a friend) and never found it. Then Bun lent it to me- she owns practically every single book in the universe- I should have asked her first! Hope you manage to get your paws on it- it's as 'viciously funny' as the cover blurb promises!

Rash said...

attacking bunny rightaway