Thursday, January 29, 2009

Imagine-our politicians are trying to teach us moral science-the bloody cheek!

I'm beginning to feel that the partition of India should have been done differently. All the vile fundamentalists on one side, and normal secular people who believe in the equality of sexes on the other! The nasty crackpots who attacked women in a Mangalore pub were shockingly like General Zia. Next they'll have us in purdah. And I do not for a moment believe that the BJP has nothing to do with them. Just saw the Karnataka CM on TV saying that he wants to bring an end to pub culture (he called it 'prub culture', tee hee!)- now is that a pat on the back for that crackpot Sena or is that a pat on the back for that crackpot Sena? The Congress is no better- the Rajasthan CM too said that he's anti-pubs. Now he's backtracking of course, falling back on the same old, 'I've been misquoted' lifeline. All I can say is, if he's been sternly reprimanded by the Congress High Command, good! And then there's dreary old Ramadoss who is shocked because he has seen women drinking (gasp) and smoking (gasp) in Chennai and Bangalore! Only men are allowed to have vices in this country, right? God, I desperately need a drink or seven when I contemplate the regressive jerks who run India! Weasels, all.

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