Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pop On!

So, thanks to SWBs gentle persuasion, saw Rock On (on my pc too!) - and wonder of wonders, did not regurgitate lunch! Not remotely wonderful but competent, slick and more honest than that Dil Chahata Hai rubbish where vast quantities of popcorn were upchucked post intermission. Farhan Akhtar even looked a bit like Jim Morrison with his curly mop and his performance had restraint- most unusual in Bollywood. Arjun Rampal and the chick who played his wife were this close to brill.
The title of the movie, however, should be 'Pop On'- the music was unadulterated pop music crap and I'm astonished because Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are pretty good. Have done a couple of jingles with them in the distant past and those really rocked! BTW, someone should tell Farhan Akhtar that he must not sing ever- he has a feeble scratchy voice without the sexy rasping quality of say, Rod Stewart or Bryan Adams. Yes, yes, I'm not a Bryan Adams fan (shudder) but I have to admit that he has a very interesting voice- more suited for rock than that sugary shit he dishes out.


itspathological said...

Oh I was just about to give into it and start a blog on blogspot and be all.

I saw this home video of his-doing a rendition of "With or Without you" choked on my tea.
Almost had tears in my eyes.

and whyyy?
Just because he can "Rock" doesn't mean he is any better than apna Himmesh Bhai-at least he is not pretending.
I am so angry!

itspathological said...

It's Vinita btw :)

rupagulab said...

I'm absolutely with you! I'd probably have killed myself if I'd heard him murdering 'With or without you'. I LOVE that song!!!

Saltwater Blues said...
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