Friday, January 23, 2009

What a drag it is getting old- with due apologies to the Stones

I'm supposed to identify with Obama, right? Same generation and all that. So it's not bloody fair that while I watched a sexy dude from MY generation get sworn in, I felt more like Bush Senior and Cheney- one hobbling on a walking stick, the other being wheeled in! My gosh-darned &%$$# back has packed up again and I HATE, HATE, HATE the way I walk these days.

I look at Madonna and our desi queen of eternal youth Shobhaa De, and I want to weep even more! I walk like their mothers- so not fair!

Am hobbling off to the beach tomorrow- no swimsuit in my suitcase but a bleeding orthopaedic belt. Really, what a drag it is getting old. Have been listening to that song a lot, of late (Mother's Little Helper). Never liked it much before but now it's sort of grown on me.

What else is happening tomorrow? Oh yes, our Prime Minister will be undergoing surgery in Delhi, while in Mumbai, apun ka Raj will be attempting to re-establish his raj again- another rally is slated in Thane. So it seems like it may be a very busy day in Mumbai's hospitals too!


calamity jane said...

ur not that aged, aunt.

rupagulab said...

I am too!Creaky bones and all that misery.

Rash said...

there's a Turkish version too? nice cover