Thursday, January 8, 2009

What happened to the women & children?

The song playing in my head is Tull's Broadsword. Love the song- always have, but these days I scoff at this bit:
Get up to the roundhouse on the cliff-top standing,
Take women and children and bed them down.
Come on, are women and children safe anywhere anymore with terrorists around? Which brings me to the horrific situation in Gaza: if the Mumbai attacks hadn't happened, by this time I'd have signed zillions of petitions condemning Israel. Petitions that I'm sure no one reads but at least signing them makes me feel a wee bit better. But not this time round, no. I feel sick when I read the newpaper reports and look at the gut-wrenching visuals on TV. But then I remember how ruthless the Mumbai attackers were.

The death math, though, is sickening: A handful of Israeli soldiers versus hundreds of Gaza civilians. That's what makes my sympathy attempt to swing towards Gaza, BUT I have sternly promised myself that I will never ever be on the side of terrorist supporters anywhere in the world. Never ever. The people of Gaza voted for a known terrorist organisation. It's not as though they suddenly woke up one morning and discovered to their horror that Hamas was pure evil. My view may be simplistic, but I'm sticking to it. Like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, I have zero tolerance towards terrorists- and I say this more forcefully than he ever has.

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