Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hell & damnation. Or what Delhi taught me.

Okay, so I often whine and moan ceaselessly about my 9 excruciatingly long years in Delhi, but the truth is I learnt a lot of valuable lessons during my stay there. And the thing I enjoyed learning most were the swear words. Henceforth, (I have firmly decided) I will only swear in Hindi. MCBC gives you a much more satisfying emotional release than its English counterpart. Even the innocuous 'Every dog has its day' sounds so much more powerful (and oddly enough, gratifyingly menacing too) when you say it in Hindi: Har kutte ke din aate hai!
This is bound to shock my swear word phobic parents no doubt (hey, the only bad word Dad uses when he's reached the end of his tether is a prim 'ruddy') but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Sometimes I wonder if I was exchanged in the hospital as a baby- but then I remember that I have Mum's smirk and Dad's active dislike for Hindutva* parties.

Teri maa ki daal! Oooh- delicious.
* Just as well that none of us have introduced him to prospective Hindutva - propagating grooms. I'm certain he'd have roared, 'Yeh shaadi hargis nahin hogi' in Bollywood ishtyle. His current grouse is that none of us have married Christians or Muslims. Sigh. What to do, Dad? The good ones were already taken.


Rash said...

I'm quite a MCBC gaalis pro btw. All thanks to the Delhiite husband. Call anytime for inputs :)

rupagulab said...

Rash: Will do. Definitely! Need to do some serious brushing up. And long, really long to hear someone say 'paancho' with the right intonations/ How I miss that-sigh.

Rash said...

Call home after 8.30. Will put you on to the 'paancho' man

Saltwater Blues said...

How be you babe ...and how be Bun?

rupagulab said...

Hey SWB! Good to hear from you again.