Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Cold Turkey mode- ouch!

So, every evening Beloved Husband would return to see me slumped over my laptop with bloodshot watery eyes, playing Spider Solitaire furiously. The damn game had taken over my life completely- I'd even started playing it in my dreams. And, the first thought I'd have every morning was an excited, 'Yay! Another day to play Spider Solitaire!' I'd stopped reading the papers, have stacks of books piled up on my bedside table too, the gym was forgotten, deadlines were almost missed- it was terrible! Heck- I'd even forget to eat!

Finally, on Saturday night I begged him to delete all my computer games. All! Or else, in desperation I may even have got addicted to the even more infantile Purble Place. Hastily darted out of the room when he pressed the delete button. Couldn't bear to see him doing it.

With Spider Solitaire out of the way, I hope to start a new productive phase soon. Right now I'm going through acute separation anxiety. I miss that bloody game so much it's killing me! But I will survive!


Aquarius said...

oH mY gOD...Even I had become addicted to it so much that I had finger cramps and could not use my right hand for some days...

rupagulab said...

Oops! I'm so glad I'm out of it now!Feel alomst normal.