Friday, February 6, 2009

The Most Despicable Woman in India Award

And the winner is Nirmala Ventakesh! Or should I say Miss Nirmala (flesh-crawling Indian ishtyle!)- this is India after all, and Ms. Nirmala does so love Indian traditions, like squashing women, for starters! How on earth can such a regressive person be a member of the National Commission for Women? She should be ejected forthwith for conducting a shabby review of the Mangalore pub attacks.

Union Minister for Women and Children Renuka Chowdhury has said that Muthalik, the perpetrator of the Mangalore pub attack, behaves like an animal because he has no wife. Perhaps Miss Nirmala (if single) would fit the bill? It's evident that they would easily win a Wills Made For Each Other contest!

Ooh, I'm having a whole lot of fun with Miss Nirmala - I've decided to give her a starring role in my next column. She's earned it, dammit!

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