Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Saw it- liked it! So f-ing there!!! And so what if it had glaring holes in the plot? Come on, has Bollywood ever been convincing or even remotely logical? I've wept with despair at every Bollywood produced movie I've reluctantly seen - when I wasn't laughing scornfully, that is. Screw all the disgruntled slum-dwellers who are burning effigies of Danny boy as I write this and earnest Indian reviewers who regard themselves as God (said in the same breath- ha!). The point is, I walked out feeling good. Even spent 50 bucks on idiotic heart-shaped balloons immediately after the movie. Well, there was this young balloon seller and it was late at night and I was inspired. And no- I did not take those idiotic heart-shaped balloons home- told her to keep the money. Am not soppy or stupid. Just felt good.

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