Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hail (or heil?) Varun Thackeray!

If the allegations of making nasty communal statements are proved true, it seems that Varun Gandhi has more in common with another political dynasty. Saw a few clips of his speech and almost threw up with disgust. I'm a bit worried about him being barred from a career in politics, though- he may get back to writing poetry full time and my god, is he a lousy poet or is he a lousy poet?


Rash said...

and the worst...he could gang up with kapil sibal and publish 'poetry'

rupagulab said...

For Rash: He published a book of poems some years ago. I browsed through it and gagged! Sibal's poems were childish but less annoying. BTW the 'sensitive' Narendra Modi's published a book of poetry too. I REFUSE to browse through it!!!!! I want nothing to do with that man!

anil said...

Varun Gandhi's own dynasty is not untainted - the division of India in 1947, the Punjab problems of the early-1980s, even the growth of the `other dynasty', and many other issues would not have arisen without their being `party' to it.

Read -

One day, we hope India will have a population that votes for economic, social and environmentally-sustainable development...till then it will be a game of communal statements v/s appeasement politics.