Friday, March 27, 2009

Arvind Adiga and my Driver

Sorry about this, but I have to start this post in classic, frequently jeered at Satya Saran mode: 'While I was at a traffic signal...' GAK!!!!
So- while I was at a traffic signal, a vendor shoved at pirated copy of Adiga's White Tiger through the window. I declined to buy it since:
a) Already own it
b) Do not buy pirated books
But, I was inspired to tell Raju, my driver, the story of the novel. He was fascinated!!!! A lengthy and lively debate followed on the moral issues thrown up. Who was more despicable? The driver for murdering his employer or the employer for making him take the rap for his wife's accidental murder of a street child?
Gosh, I really wish this book could be translated into India's regional dialects and sold at a nominal price. Or at least, made into a Bollywood style flick so India's silent majority could see it.
That would be a step in the right direction for social justice!

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