Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chicken or paneer?

These are the highlights of menus at dinner parties in this country. And I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE both with a passion! I'm forced to settle for the crudites and chips (thank god for those standard life-savers and hunger-stavers- or else I'd be reduced to eating paper napkins for sustenance). What's worse is that even a lot of restaurants and pastry shops have followed suit. Heck, what happened to the good old cheese patty is what I want to know? I have scoured all the upmarket joints in the city and have come up with zilch. I hopelessly inspected mid-market pastry shops and finally discovered one (just one, can you believe it?) place that makes cheese patties. And not pure cheese but cheese with corn (ugh) and cheese with mushrooms (passable).
So now with deep resignation I have decided that I must buy an oven and learn how to make good old-fashioned cheese patties for myself. Sigh. It's so difficult to live in these times.


Arnold said...

A nice sirloin of boar instead? (I know I would love that!)

rupagulab said...

@ arnold: Oh yes, boar would do very nicely indeed! I'd love to eat like Obelix!