Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey hey, my my, rock n' roll will never die

Rohan's favourite car music: CSN and James Brown, but CSN is his absolute favourite.
His latest trip in life is to cruise around the city (his words, not mine!) while listening to the album his parents own. I accompanied him for a drive today and he was astonished when I hummed and sang along.

'Rock is for boys, not girls,' he admonished me sternly. After I shut him up with a threatening 'Oh yeah? Sez who?' the problems began- he started questioning the lyrics. For example:

'Why is he saying, "We are what we are?"' he scoffed. 'How silly is that? Everybody knows that they are what they are!'

I tried to explain but believe me, it isn't easy to lighten up dark lyrics for a 5 year old. Every song- every single song on that album was analysed in depth. I am now seriously considering writing a children's guide to rock lyrics.

Was relieved to get back home to discover Rehan (Rohan's one-month old sibling) waving his arms and legs in the air while listening to baby jazz on his boom box. The only lyrics were 'Rock with Elmo!' (said in an excited squeaky voice). Nothing to analyse there, whew.

Gosh, am so exhausted after that drive I've decided to skip the gym today. But I have to confess that I'm delighted that Neil Young was right- rock n' roll will never die.


Rash said...

Childrens are the bests analaysts, says the drunks mama

rupagulab said...

Yesh. Ish absholutely agreesh!

Saltwater Blues said...

LOl the kids been 'saved'!!