Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rock chicks in Mumbai

Was very excited reading about this all girl Led Zep tribute band called Lez Zep- really wanted to go for their concert in Mumbai (tonight). Backed out nervously, however, when the ad cheerfully announced that Farhan Akhtar will be performing at the same show too! Absolutely cannot suffer him singing again- have a weak heart. Am really annoyed at the way concert organisers have started mixing up artistes and genres. What the hell is that all about? Come on, would you willingly go to a restaurant that serves Chinese, Indian and Continental cuisine?
Damn. Gnashing my teeth. Hope they come to Mumbai again and get an entire show to themselves!


Rash said...

Now I just don't get this Farhan Akhtar thing. The man is nice looking and all that and needed to sing in the movie possibly because the script required it but that doesn't make him a singer or a rockstar as they keep calling him! And he doesn't have to be given a mike every time he gets close to a stage.'s beyond me. Everyone's possibly deaf.

Arnold said...

Well, I don't know how Farhan Akhtar's singing abilities are—but I do agree with you about the irksomeness of these "mixed concerts". I voiced the same complaint some months ago but no one seemed to have a good reason for why they're happening. Lez Zeppelin's a good band though—and worth attending even if it's at the cost of having to sit through this guy first. (How bad is he anyway?)

rupagulab said...

@Arnold & Rash: He's a good actor, but hear him sing in Rock On and chances are you'll wish you were deaf. Then you may understand why I absolutely could not bear to sit through this chap. Even though I was DYING to watch Lez Zep in action! I was a wreck on Saturday night, fulminating against the powers that stopped me from going to that show.