Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saving the planet Mumbai style

Enjoyed a wierd sort of Earth Hour (8.30 - 9.30 pm, 28th March). Beloved Husband earnestly (and sternly) warned me in the morning that he wanted the refrigerator switched off too. I sighed inwardly- he was exceeding the brief, as always. His burning desire to save the planet makes him a little more attractive and a lot more annoying. But I didn't contest him then with howls of outrage at the prospect of good food gone bad, oh no. Why bother, when ve haf our vays? I knew exactly what would eventually trip him up.
At 8 pm, when I brought the candles out, I heard him sigh wistfully. 'There are two good movies scheduled for 9,' he muttered.
'Well then, you'll have to miss the first half hour, won't you?' I snapped.
'I could always watch TV by candlelight,' was his forceful rejoinder.
'Sure, and I can leave the fridge on too,' I said brightly.
He fought with his consience for a brief moment.
And so he watched TV by candlelight and I left the fridge running.
We did switch off all the lights and fans though. We did our miniscule bit.

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