Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Idol finally delivers with Adam Lambert!

Shameful confession: I'm a sucker for music contests, particularly those that seek to find new lead singers for their bands. In a showoffy way, I have to reveal that I successfully predicted the winners of two of them: INXS and Rockstar Supernova. Hey, I should be a judge!

American Idol, however, is a bit of a bore. Nice voices, but not exceptional, in my humble opinion, and horribly terribly pop. Only two singers, in all the seasons I've watched have given me goosebumps. One was Lakeisha Jones, a woman with the sexiest, bluesiest voice I've heard. She was on a few seasons ago and was bumped off sadly- I've been gnashing my teeth since then, wishing and hoping that she makes it somewhere somehow - she was terrific! My god, I saw Dreamgirls because I heard Lakeisha sing 'I'm telling you I'm not going' and I was sorely disappointed with Jennifer Hudson's version in the movie. She squeaked the song in a Mickey Mouse way and ruined it completely for me!

And this season, it's Adam Lambert. He's edgy and exceptional and delivers every time. The best thing about him is that he doesn't bow down to Idol's sad pop demands and stays alternative. Last night he did his version of Mad World (Tears for Fears). Gasp. Still have goosebumps the morning after. He's given me a reason to stop missing Kurt Cobain.

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