Friday, April 3, 2009

Bless the Pink Chaddi girls!

Just saw this horrible puke-making video footage of the Taliban thrashing a 17 year old girl in the Swat Valley. It looked so familiar- remember, we recently saw the Sri Ram Sene mob doing quite the same thing in Mangalore? Really, what is the difference between the Taliban and our Tully-ban lot? Apart from the feisty Union Minister Renuka Chowdhury, the rest of our non-fundamentalist politicians murmured the right noises and then happily ignored it. It's our girls who fought back -and made the nation sit up and gasp at their spunk!
Not crazy about Oprah, but feel compelled to pinch one of her lines for the beautifully irreverent Pink Chaddi Campaign lot- 'You go girls!'
BTW, I hope America saw that footage too! What the hell are they allowing that pathetic Zardari and weasley Gillani to do?

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