Thursday, April 23, 2009

No goosebumps last night on Idol, damn!

Waited eagerly with bated breath for Adam Lambert to strut his stuff. He did the Beegee's 'If I can't have you'. VERY interesting version, and as always, the best of the lot, but not magical like he always is. Damn- I guess we all have our off days. But he's still the clear winner. Of the rest of the lot, the lovely pink-haired rock chick Allison delivered again. She's not going to win, but she's my fave second best.

Meanwhile, I'm getting a bad case of the shudders re: our elections. As far as I'm concerned, votes that go into parties led by Pawar, Patnaik, Jaylalitha, Lalu and Paswan (to name a few) are really votes for Prakash Karat. Ew. How horrible is that? The future of our country is being orchestrated by a bitter, spiteful man who will do anything to ensure that PM Manmohan Singh is vanquished.

On the flip side, even if that ghastly third front does win, it will probably collapse within months. A shoddily cobbled together coalition of regional parties is incapable of ruling a country. Petty squabbles for power will follow, divergent interests will clash, and the stability of India will hit a new low. Am not looking forward to the future anymore. Sigh.

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