Thursday, April 2, 2009

Want to know who will win the elections? Ask Sanjay Kapoor!

I clearly recall the run up to the last general elections- most of the celebrity political analysts I read were confident that the BJP would win a thumping majority. Hmm.

So there I was at Dilli O Dilli with a bunch of people: 9 of us gloomily bemoaning the thought of BJP rule for another term. One of us, though, was very cheerful: Sanjay Kapoor, the super editor of Hardnews. Sanjay eloquently rubbished our theories. He was absolutely certain that the Congress would come to power. We eyed him dubiously and quoted the regular supposed-to-be -hot-shit poll pundits. He laughed and told us to watch and wait. Bloody hell, he turned out to be bang on!!!! And in usual Sanjay fashion he didn't call us and crow 'I told you so!'

I spoke to him yesterday and asked him who would win this time round. He confidently told me who would lose but asked for a few more days to predict who would win, what with these new equations turning up. I trust this man- he has an ear to the ground and a keen, analytical mind. So, ha ha, I will know who is going to win before I cast my vote!!!! Hurry up, Sanjay- can't wait to know if i should bring out the champagne to celebrate or countrymade brew to drown my sorrows!

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