Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wondering Aloud

Cook did a bunk so I felt liberated today. Had a spam sandwich for dinner (yum- and who gives a shit about clogged arteries anyway!) and then watched Idol. Am wondering now if years of substance abuse makes you delusional or is Adam Lambert really hot shit? My hackles rose when Seacrest announced that Lambert was going to do Steppenwolf's Born to be wild. I mean, I love that song. But Lambert blew me. He did a punked up version- abso brill and so bloody contemporary! Now am waiting for him to do a Jared Leto (of 30 secs to Mars fame). I can hear him doing The Kill in my head. Hope he does it out of my head too.
BTW: have always wondered why Coldplay is regarded as hot- that band leaves me cold.


Six months warranty said...

I love you Rupa!

I hate coldplay!

and I like Lambert the day he auditioned, remembered smsing friend and saying "This competition is going to be a waste-he is such a clear winner!"

Loving how the prediction is
almost coming true!


rupagulab said...

Gosh- I predicted that too when I heard him at the audition! He's the clear winner and tragically we have to suffer all the others till the bitter end. I like the pink-haired rock chick Alison too. Great voice, but Lambert is exceptional.

Saltwater Blues said...

LOL I think Coldplay is overrated too. True to their name - ekdum thanda!

How u Rup? And where that Bun is hiding these days? Tell her I gave tight hug!

rupagulab said...

Hey there SWB- wassup? And thank you for considering carrying lighters around! BTW, you can read Bun at her HT blog- Expletive Deleted.

Saltwater Blues said...

Expletive Deleted ... LOL! Trust Bun to come up with something like that!

... But why don't people carry lights, I've never understood.

deepika said...

Hey Rupa, see this guy used your book title. Loser.

rupagulab said...

Hey, long time! And thanks for the tip-off. BTW, how's the book coiming along?

deepika said...

Ya long time, my life is upside-down right now. my gonna-be-in-laws want me to do a course in print media. And at home, it's terrible, so i'm carrying forward my book, and getting into writing articles. :D :(

BTW, how are youuuuuuu?????

rupagulab said...

Well you know what they say- life's a bitch. So chin up. Apart from melting in muggy mumbai, I'm doing fine.