Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Heavens - no adrenaline in my life!

Read Roald Dahl's autobiography (Boy and Going Solo) and was struck by a depressing realisation - I haven't lived! Sob!
Never left home after school to work in a strange, primitive country - Mumbai was just a different city and hardly primitive compared to Cal! Never commanded an army while I was a teenager. Never did acrobatics in a fighter aircraft, let alone flew one. Was never chased by a German fighter plane. Never broke my nose repeatedly in separate accidents - though I did stick a pea up my nose out of curiosity (to check if I could still breathe normally - btw, I couldn't!) and had to have it surgically removed. Never suffered from temporary blindness - however, I did smear Vicks Vaporub on my eyelids once to find out what it felt like to be blind. Heck, I've never even be caned!
The things that happened to him may not have been nice, BUT adversity (if you manage to survive) gives you such richness of experience. Sigh. I'm just another deathly dull and boring hamster on a treadmill. I don't even deserve a name - people like me should just have impersonal numbers.

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