Thursday, May 7, 2009

I can die now - finally saw Slash's face!

This here is a glowing testimonial for American Idol. Last year it gave me the chance to watch Andrew Lloyd Webber (sigh) at work and this year the show gave me the opportunity to see Slash's face. Like, bloody wow! For years and years and years I've wondered what Slash looks like - only caught brief glimpses of his face through his curly mop while he was playing guitar god. I mean, come on, that guy is so hot he even made Michael Jackson acceptable (to me) when they did the song 'Give in to me' together.

So yeah, now that I've got an uninterrupted look at Slash, I can die. It would be nice though, if someone told me what Meatloaf meant by 'that' when he sang 'I would do anything for love but I won't do that!' Then I'll die with a wider smile on my face.

And omigod, did you ever imagine that someone would do Led Zep on Idol? Adam did just that last night and he was good! Better still was his duet with Allison the rock chick. Gosh, this has just got to be the hottest season on Idol!


Rash said...

Rupa! This is a post that's straight from my heart...sorry to sound so sickeningly gushy but have the exact sentiments about Slash face and Meatloaf song. Though in my case the mystery is not even partly solved as I do not watch Idol. sigh

rupagulab said...

This is soooo tragic! But worry not - Slash has a new album coming up and you may catch him on VH1 soon. BTW, he's older now, so he may not toss his head around quite so much!!!!!