Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My family and other nutters

Parents were here for a few days - with three daughters contesting for their affection in different ways.
1. Me: Drill Sergent: Planning their every movement with annoying precision. VERY unpopular but got stuff done, innit? Going to inherit a bad debt, most likely.
2. Sis 1: Very pleasant but we have learnt something new here. Never ever attempt to socialize with her when she's had only 4 hours of sleep. A rottweiller would be cuddlier and way more charming. An asterisk in the will is called for. Most definitely.
3. Sis 2: The potential star of a Karan Johar Bollywood flick -'Mommy, Daddy, nobody lurves you more than I do, gasp, kiss, hug, gasp, kiss. Mommy, Daddy, nobody lurves you more than I do, gasp, kiss, hug, gasp, kiss.' Can't bring up the will here. Heck, she's been this way since she was born. Mum used to call her the Lap-lander because she always contrived to land up in their laps till she left home an aged person after college!
We looked at each other and groaned, 'Chee! Can't believe we share the same genes!' Yet we hope that we all gave them a good time in our own wierd ways.
Mum was in nostalgic mode. She's lived all over the world but her best memories were of the years she spent in Sierra Leone with cool mist shrouded hills and sunny beaches to choose from. Thank god she hasn't ever heard Bryan Adams or she may well have broken into 'Those were the best years of my life.' The three of us would have vomited together. Ah, those genes show up when you least expect them.
My fav anecdote: M.K. Gandhi was assasinated. My grand-dad held a small service at home, where not 1 but 5 minute's silence was called for. Mum and her siblings broke into giggles during the solemn occassion. My grand-dad glared ferociously, broke the silence, and gave them a scathing lecture on Gandhi's sterling virtues. Mum defended herself staunchly: 'Sorry Daddy, but his ears are ever so funny!'
Those damn genes again!


Hyde said...

Wanted to leave a comment here, but I cannot help laughing.

Rash said...

trying to guess sis no 1 and 2. and the rotweiller would be...

rupagulab said...

Not telling (said in a mysterious voice)! BTW, tried VERY hard to tell you that I identified COMPLETELY with your posts on freelance and the contrasts between nights out with the boys/girls, but the publish button stubbornly refused to be clicked. Bah!