Thursday, June 18, 2009

The latest addition to my bookshelf

Ever since I decided to quit working full time and panhandle as a miserable freelancer instead, I've been at my sister's mercy when it comes to books. She buys them, I borrow them and we have a fantastic agreement: if I like a book much much much more than she does, I get to keep it forever. Yay!

My latest freebie is Tarquin Hall's The Case of the Missing Servant. Giggled appreciatively through the book, didn't feel remotely slighted by his satirical take on Indians and Indian-English - thought it was done very affectionately. Loved his hero Vish Puri, India's 'Most Private Investigator' almost as much as I adore Andrea Camilleri's grouchy, commitment-phobic Inspector Montalbano. And enjoyed Mummy too - she was quite a character! The story was okay - but the way it was written was very engaging. Hall's tongue-in-cheek style lifted it out of the ordinary.

Can't wait for his next book on Vish Puri - am willing to panhandle with a little more determination so I can buy it myself!


Kushal said...

Can you lend it to me please, cos I promised to lend it to a couple of people. Didn't know you'd love it enough to want to keep it.

rupagulab said...

OK. Will LEND it. Want it back, though.

Rash said...

Must read this Tarquin fellow now