Sunday, July 5, 2009

Doggone it!

Two years ago, Best Friend and I experienced a deliciously crazy impulse on a Sunday- decided to take a walk down Marine Drive while it was pouring - not just cats and dogs but man-eating tigers and nasty werewolves. Lingered for a few hours there because it was so beautiful - the sea was angry with muscular waves lashing against the tetrapods, the sky was hazy - oooh it was mindblowing. Tragically it wasn't high-tide or we could have cheerfully showered in the gigantic waves that energetically leap out of the sea.

Thereafter, we walked to Westside in Kala Ghoda to buy towels and a change of clothes. The doorman let us in with a broad grin despite the fact that we were leaving puddles the size of Powai lake in our wake. No one in the store darted curious looks in our direction either. See, that's what I love about Mumbai!

This was followed by tea at Leopold (boring - and the food is trashy too!) and then the nicest part- a longish stop-over at The Ghetto to keep us warm and cosy for the drive back home.

Yearned to repeat the experience yesterday but Best Friend said no - politely but firmly: 'Wimbledon finals. Federer. The monsoon can wait. Besides, we've got to go during the day to watch out for Tavleen Singh's dog poop,' she cannily added, to ensure that I didn't attempt to persuade her to change her mind. I was silenced.

Heck, why can't the Marine Drive party-pooper Tavleen Singh get off her high horse and buy a pooper-scooper? Her doggone battle with the BMC is raining on my parade!

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