Friday, July 3, 2009

Have become a twit - officially

Signed up with Twitter and feel like quite a twit coz I have no idea what to do. I had to hastily stop it from gaining access to my email lists - gosh, I don't particularly wish to tweet to clients and the billing chaps at vodafone and tataindicom and my chartered accountant! Tried to send a tweet or whatever it's called to the friend who urged me to check it out, but failed. Called her. She tried to tweet or whatever me, and that failed too. Instead I discover that I have 2 followers who wish to know if I would like to earn money by conducting online surveys and suchlike. Bah! I bet the Viagra and Cialis guys will be my next ardent followers! My tweeting life is over - I have seen the light.

Spent last evening with said friend who urged me to join twitter- t'was fun. Once a week I leave my lovely reclusive lifestyle behind and venture out to see the world.
First stop: Rhythm House- just had to buy a Tears for Fears album or my heart would have stopped beating. Haven't stopped listening to Mad World and Shout since.
Second stop: Dingy, grungy restaurant in Colaba that has reinvented itself as a rather lively resto-bar. Used to hate this place during my hostel days but the makeover is pretty decent. Smirked when I caught sight of a pompous TV news anchor who is better recognised as the soggy umbrella-weilding sod commenting on the monsoon in depressing Milan subway every year. 'It's raining again,' he says in an alarmed voice that never fails to make my astute sister turn an unflattering shade of purple. 'Of course it's raining. you eejit,' she snarls at the TV screen, 'it's the bloody season for rain. Moron!!!'
Anyway, the drip was attempting to muscle his way into the crowded joint. 'Do you know my name,' he haughtily asked the doorman and sundry waiters who yelled ' No room, no room'. He demanded to speak to the manager. Dunno whether the manager knew his name, but honestly doubt it. Who recognises him when he's dry?
Stop 3: A tedious one-hour traffic snarl on the sealink. Thought it was supposed to be a seablink- a dash over the sea and then land ahoy and all that, but nope. We crawled - snails would have outpaced us. Never again, shudder.

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