Thursday, July 16, 2009

I smell a dog - and rats too.

Right. so I'm one of those shameless Mumbaiphiles who can witter on (and on and on) about how special this city is - particularly during the monsoon. Tragically, my enthusiasm has been curbed somewhat this year. Went to fancy restaurant with Best Friend last night. Crinkled nose in the posh foyer: 'Ew- there's a doggy smell here,' I complained. Best Friend sniffed and snorted. "Damp carpets, that all.'

And the rains have been flushing rats out of their burrows and into our homes. Not bashful at all, these rats. BH was watching TV one night when Rat the First scurried in from the window and squeezed its flexible body into a crevice the ways only rats and roaches can. Driver got me a rat trap and it had an occupant the very next morning! Driver, BH and househelp marvelled at its size while I refused to take a gander. Thereafter, Driver deposited the rat at Carter Road, near the sea. Rat the Second (even bigger) sauntered in last night while BH was watching TV again. BH's hackles rose and he displayed an alarming tendency for raticide. A chase began (cannot report it because I'd hastily locked myself in the bedroom) . Half an hour later BH entered the bedroom sorely disappointed- the rat had eluded his murderous attempt. We have now concluded that BH was a cat in his past life - the hair on his limbs stood on end for a couple of hours thereafter- not with fear but with intent to kill. His wish was granted soon thereafter - he swatted a housefly to death. Ah, those are the other pests the rains bring with them. And fruit flies too. Vomit!

BTW, the rat menace threatens to take on serious proportions. Best Friend has reported several in her home in Santa Cruz, my neighbour says he saw a mouse scampering near his computer mouse at his office in Haji Ali - the office bought 14 rat traps and all were packed to capacity the next morning. This is a plague warning for Mumbai city. Where on earth are the BMCs rat catchers?

P.S. BH now is threatening to get a pet snake to deal with the rats much more exciting than rat traps, he insists. I'd much rather have a transmigrant soul that's currently in its feline avtaar.


Rash said...

yikes (at the snake). stunned to say anything else

rupagulab said...

I know! But we MAY not have to do tedious paper work to adopt a snake. Acc. to the papers on Saturday, this is the season for snakes too! They travel upstream through the sewers and land up in your loo. Am now seriously thinking of names. Would love to call a snake Slitherin but frightened that JK Rowling may sue me!

Rash said...

yeah she's taken our very own Bollywood-y Nagini too.