Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can't work in my nightie anymore, WAAAAAAAH!

Whenever my bank balance dips to shocking levels, I exchange my pretty, faded nighties for work wear and do full time at an office. Can't rely on the dribs and drabs I get from freelance to fatten my piggybank, or even make it pleasantly plump.

So, I've been working full time for one week now, and I must say I miss my nighties so bad, it hurts! Trying hard to be stoical about it. Sternly reminding self that when bills have to be paid, even jharoo-pocha assignments are a blessing. Consoling self that the people I'm working with are rather nice, but know deep down inside that even if I worked in an office with a pub and live rock acts and a Belgian chocolate dispenser, I would hate it because it eats into my time. God, working from home is such a joy- was such a joy. Sniff.

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Abhinav said...

Truly! Working from home is such a blessing. I did it once and OMG, it's freedom redefined.