Sunday, August 16, 2009

To go or not to go - that is the question.

Got a bad case of the sniffles on Thursday night. By Friday morning, low grade fever had set in. Followed family rule and drank vodka that night - to kill the germs. These germs were made of sterner stuff. Hastily browsed through swine flu symptoms on the net the next day. Heck, they're the same as normal flu! Who can tell? Generously gave BH the sniffles and fever too. We have decided to be noble and skip office tomorrow. Well, BH insists on keeping his colleagues out of Kasturba Hospital. I'm still the new girl in school so am not quite sure what I should do. Let's see how I feel in the morning. Damn. Hope throat swabs are not required.


Saltwater Blues said...

... whisky worked for me:)

How you Ru?

rupagulab said...

See, alcohol does work! Am fine -just the occassional sniffle. Nobly at work. BH is not so fine, he's nobly lying on the bed at home with 3 phones and 2 laptops- communicating with the office.