Monday, October 19, 2009

3 day weekends zindabad

-Saw Roman Holiday for the 15th time on Diwali. Loved it just as much. Have a bone to pick with the Smirnoff guys though. Got a free ugly keychain with my bottle - think they adjusted the cost of the keychain with the percentage of alcohol in the bottle: 5 drinks, zero buzz, not even a vague hint of a buzz. Criminal offence, if you ask me.

-Saw the end of the last Indiana Jones flick, and the beginning of the first. Enjoyed the silly jokes almost as much.

-Saw Inglourious Basterds. Like everyone else, loved the movie and Christpher Waltz. Was also delighted that Hitler was made uglier than ever before.

-Saw Wake up Sid, and unlike everyone else, yawned through the flick. Where was the humour, dude? However, have to concede that it was way better and way more honest than that dreadful Dil Chahta Hai - remember that movie where Amir Khan pretended to be a teenager? EEEEK. Evidently Botox was not around in those days.

Have sternly informed BH that I cannot take popular culture anymore. It doesn't agree with me and till Bollywood gets real cool instead of this wannabe cool I will not suffer it.


Rash said...

seen nothing, jealous

rupagulab said...

@ rash: SEE INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. Enjoyed the movie as much as I enjoy the title! It was a life changing experience for me - have now decided that I will always spell bastard as basterd. So much more fun!